MGFX Graphics Library for C++ version 0.9 BETA 1

What's so great about MGFX anyway?

In my personal experience, I've had the chance to work with several professional GFX libraries and I've noticed the same thing about most of them: they try to do too much! MGFX is designed to be simple and easy to use. I wanted a graphics library that didn't have all the fluf and take up as much space as all of the others, and yet would have the fuctionality that I needed to get the job done. I wanted a graphics library that was easy to maintain and whose functions I could understand intuitively without bitfields or special defines to remember. I wrote MGFX for myself.

MGFX was developed across several compilers and the core library is totaly portable to any platform. It's also fast. It easily generates 60+ FPS in Dos at 640x480 resolution. Run the test programs if you don't believe me. And best of all it comes with full source code.


Known Bugs:

Download MGFX beta 1 in zip format. (288K)

Download MGFX beta 1 with Install Shield(tm) installation. (898K)