MotBC Products

Epic Realms: The Tournament of Ages
A tilebased RPG featuring Manga art and a 3D combat engine. Story by Jay Thomen and MotBC. Art by Henry Chiu and MotBC.

Array it! -- a plugin for Caligari's TrueSpace 3
An array propogation plugin (tSX) for TrueSpace3. Major features: Linear and radial array propogation w/ grouping.

The Staff Keeper
A 3D RPG with realtime rendered towns and overworld. Story by Jay Thomen.

Falcon's Ire
A multi-player 3D space battle arena! Design your own ships and kick each other's butt!

SDX -- a simple directx wrapper class
Encasulates all DirectX setup and maintenance into a few simple function calls. If you want the power of DirectX without the bother of DirectX, you'll want to look into this. Uses only DirectX and the Win32 API, thus maintaining maximum portability. Distribution includes source code.

MGFX -- a freeware 2D graphics lib
A 2D image blitting library for C++. It works with most ANSI C++ compilers. Code demonstrating use with DirectX and VESA 1.2 (Dos) included. Distribution includes source code.

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