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Array it! for Caligari TrueSpace3

Array it! is a shareware Caligari TrueSpace3 plug-in (tSX) which we are preparing for beta testing. This essential array propogation Plug-In allows TrueSpace3 users to create multiple copies of an existing object at constant and/or regularly increasing/decreasing intervals and rotations from the original object or a specified center point. Creation of objects like the steps of a spiral stair case becomes just a matter of creating one stair and specifying the number copies, a constant Z translation and rotation, then clicking "Create". Array it! even glues all of the copied objects as siblings as one of its options. The full registered version ($25) will have animation options and random deviance features. For a features list and availablity information click here.

For more information concerning Array it! please direct e-mail to

Thanks to all those of you who joined our beta tester team!

In the works: MotBC's TrueSpace3 Model Library

Mages of the Blue Circle, inc., is happy to anounce the coming of both it's freeware and shareware model libraries.

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